April 6, 2011

The Story of Mitalee.Part Two.

The Internet is an astonishing place. Like a telephone , it never ceases to amaze LP. You pick up the phone and therein is found the beloved voice of a person you haven't heard from in a long time ; as close to you as their embrace. How is that possible? How does a voice travel through air, clouds, sunlight , streams and over mountain tops? Who can say? Scientists and engineers. Certainly not LP. Hers is a simple mind. Like the mystery of the telephone, LP holds a similar sense of reverence for  the Internet .
You ask the Internet a question , and you invariably have the answer. LP calls the Internet her Crystal Ball. The Crystal Ball has permitted us to connect with you who are reading this story. Has created a community, seemingly out of thin air of accessible , like minded people who love animals. You , who make LP's life more interesting and who take the time out of your no doubt hectic lives , to read about our small life on the face of such a great , big world. Thank you. It is important to us. You are important to us. But LP should really continue our story and the search for the illusive protagonist , Mitalee.

After LP had exhausted all rescue venues in her surrounding area, she started to search the Internet for private rescue groups. She rubbed The Crystal Ball, asked it the all encompassing question in its' Google polish and it provided her with the necessary information. She then e-mailed numerous private rescues asking if they had a cat who loved dogs in their care.Some of the answers were less than desirable... But eventually she received an answer from a private rescue group that was some distance from her.This person , a woman, had a cat in her care who L O V E D dogs! LP could feel her pulse racing when she read this. She typed in , "please send picture". Of course at this point and actually right from the start of her search , LP didn't mind if the cat was male or female or any specific colour. She simply wanted a healthy cat who loved dogs but it would be nice to have a picture-something to race towards. A picture slowly came back. It was blurry but the cat appeared to be a calico or a cat with several colours in her coat. It was a girl cat and LP knew as soon as she saw that blurred , vaguely undefined , smudged and oddly surreal photo that the "spirit" therein was meant to be part of her family. And so she raced to her ; more than three abhorringly long , finger itching, ants in your pants, torturously far away weekends after receiving the small, insufficient picture. LP would start the journey when work schedules and life would allow... almost an entire month after hearing news of the cat destined to be everyone's friend.

It was a cold and rainy day when they set off to bring the dog loving cat home. Daddyman had by this time been lasooed into not only driving the close to five hour trip (one way) but had also been persuaded to welcome a new family member into the fold. LP had used the word, "needed". As in ," we need a cat to make this family complete". Daddyman had never had any experience with cats but accepted the inevitable because that is how stubborn LP can get when she makes up her mind to do something, that is to say , nothing would dissuade her. And Daddyman knew it. He , however, was secretly anticipatory about meeting a dog loving cat and almost as excited about it as LP.

It took three hours to get to the one hour ferry that would take them to the island where the private cat rescuer lived. They would drive another hour after the ferry docked. As they approached the address LP could barely contain herself. She was excited but nervous too. What if the rescue person didn't like them. What if she thought they weren't a suitable placement for the cat. LP had a pocketful of photographs of the dogs. The dogs at their best of course, groomed and clean and sitting in impeccably clean beds or playing and runnng outdoors in the fresh air. She wanted the rescue person to see the dogs had a good life and that they were obviously loved. That the dog loving cat would in turn be well cared for and loved.

When they arrived at the rescuer's house they wondered if they had the correct address. It didn't look like the house on the website. That house had been large and well kept. This house was small and in a state of disrepair.There weren't many other houses around that area and so they tentatively walked onto a pathway that was barely holding up and knocked almost timidly on the door. An older woman answered the door and told them to come in quickly so as not to permit any cats from getting out . As they stepped into the livingroom LP immediately felt something was off , other than the obvious which was that there were cats everywhere. Over sixty she rapidly counted. In a very small house. But that wasn't it. Something else was off. It was the furniture ; or to be clearer , the lack thereof. The livingroom did not have any furniture at all but rather was filled with cat trees , cat beds , scratching posts and other cat sundries. LP knew it was an unusual set up. She could smell it wasn't right. The amonia was burning her nostrils. Still, her eyes stubbornly scanned the room for her dog loving cat. The woman escorted them into the kitchen and told them she would get the cat. There were more cats in the kichen. On counter tops, in sinks, on the table , and a few on scattered chairs.There were Mama cats in boxes with their babies nursing from them. Many of the cats were domestic cats, while many others  were purebred cats. Although clearly not abused some of them did look neglected. LP immediately thought of an orphanage where there were too many babies and not enough attendants.This private rescuer's heart was too big and she couldn't say , "No". Things had obvioulsy gotten out of control for her because of it.

  When the older woman finally came back after a lengthy absence , she was holding the homeliest looking cat LP had ever seen.It looked as though the cat had been dipped in cooking oil. There was fur missing on her head and around her neck and even patches of fur missing on her body.  The cat was hissing and obviously not comfortable with being handled. LP's heart dropped and so too did her projections of sleeping with the cat under bed linens, reading with the cat on her lap, giving the cat nose kisses, and belly kisses, and toes kisses. This cat might love dogs but she obviously didn't like people. The woman dropped the cat onto a kitchen counter and stepped back. " She was sleeping outside with one of the dogs " she explained, " and didn't like that I interrupted her nap". LP didn't believe her but in good faith walked up to the dog loving cat. But before LP could even attempt to pet her, the ugly little cat  reached out and her long , people estranged nails caught the skin on LP's hand and ripped through it.

To be continued tomorrow.
Have a wonderful day.
See you tomorrow!
the critters in The Cottage



  1. I am enthralled with this story. I can hardly wait to read the next part!

  2. Well this doesn't sound like Mitalee at all. Did you get another cat instead?? Agh the suspense is killing me!!!!!

  3. Cruel to keep us hanging like this. But we're wondering what happened to all those cats...sometimes rescuing can turn into hoarding...and even if it doesn't, as you've noted, the inability to say "no" leads to a situation that's not healthy for anyone concerned.

    So you have us worried about all these cats, and whatever become of them!

    -Fuzzy Tales

  4. Looking forward to the next instalment! One always needs something to look forward to.

    Sending Love Hugs and Kisses to the Island Rescue Kitty home...

  5. You write so well! Really I'm totaly absorbed into this story and can't waiit for the next part! I have a feeling you turned that rough looking little feral kitty into someone lovable.


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