April 7, 2011

The Story of Mitalee. Part three.

As the unlovely cat tore into LP's skin , all LP could think about was lunch. She hadn't had time for  breakfast since they had caught the earliest ferry and all she had had was a quick cup of tea before leaving. The entire situation was so far removed from what she had anticipated happening that she needed to distance herself to put things in perspective. Lunch would be a good distance. Her left hand felt for the dog pictures in her pocket. They were still there. Somehow she felt she wouldn't be needing those anymore. Her right hand had been cut and the well meaning rescuer went looking for ointment and bandaids. In the meantime , some friendly, happy cats came up to her rubbing, head butting and showering her with affection. They each seemed to be trying to convince her that they would make better choices as a new family member. The dipped in cooking oil , dog loving cat , glared at her indifferently from across the room surrounded by her fellow conspirators . The rescuer came back. She had ointment, bandaids and some small bottles in her hand. For a fleeting second LP irrationally thought she would ask her to ingest some sort of potion made out of frog legs and spider eggs that would stop the blood flow from her cut. But the woman matter of factly said , " If you take her you'll need these." And gave her two small bottles . "They are for an upper respiratory infection and the last of her treatment for ringworm. She was an owner surrendered cat who had not been well taken care of and who was quite ill when she first arrived". LP had no idea what all those terms meant ; owner surrender, ringworm, upper respiratory infection. She had yet to volunteer her time in a cat shelter where she would relearn and better understand those terms within a week of helping out. When the rescuer explained the conditions , LP didn't think anything except, " Well at least we know she loves dogs!  Sigh."

Daddyman and LP left in search of a place to eat and told the rescuer they would be back with their decision. There were many things to consider. The situation wasn't a usual one but on the other hand, this was someone who was trying to find an imperfect solution to a monumental problem - people who relinquished their responsibility toward their cat and left them to their own devices. Often to be put down because of the terribe overcrowding in shelter facilities. That area had a kill shelter which was no doubt why there were so many cats in her care to begin with. The cats weren't being abused and it was difficult to know who or how many people were helping this woman.But she was getting help from someone otherwise conditions would have been more extreme. LP and Daddyman deliberated all these points, along with other concerns for a lengthy time; their biggest concern being the fact that the cat was not a people friendly cat. And then they went back for the greasy, dog loving cat. It was the unfocused picture the rescuer had e-mailed her that kept poking at LP's resolve not to go back. That cat was meant to be part of their family. She was convinced of it despite all the unforeseen circumstances.They went back and took her home.

Mitalee, " Dipped in cooking oil? I was being treated for my sickies. Homely , me ? I can't ever imagine it ! " .

Mitalee on K's favourite blanket with Allegra and Isadora. Masala was too old to attempt a nap on the couch by that point. Masala lived three more glorious years after Mitalee came to live with us. She left us shortly before her eighteenth birthday. It wouldn't be Mitalee or Esme but Lewis who would end up putting a healing salve on LP's heart when Masala passed away. But that is an entirely different story for another time. Masala and Mitalee loved each other to the end although there are sadly no pictures to show you . LP lost many pictures in a computer crash some years ago.But they did become fast friends and were often found snuggling together.

Mitalee is LP's western spelling of the word mitahli , an Indian (Sanskrit) word which means, friendship/friend, the name LP chose for her. Pronounced mee-taa-lee. Esme and Mitalee are very good friends...

but of all of them , Lewis is her best friend . 

Mitalee also eventually became friends with LP and Daddyman with the slow passing of time and with a lot of patient and gentle interactions. Eight years after the day she was first brought home , Mitalee loves everyone and is often the first to greet visitors at the door. She cuddles on LP's lap when LP is reading and loves to head butt and be brushed. There is nothing better than a Mitalee love session. She will not sleep on the bed at night , or cuddle under the bed linens but she is often found on a bed pillow contently sleeping away the day. She will permit LP to kiss her belly , her toes and her nose until they are both giddy with the love of it. Mitalee HoneyBee , the dog loving cat who didn't respond to the name she had been given by her owner surrender before she came to us, now responds to Mitalee ,  LeeLee Bee, LeeLee, Bumblebee and Bumbles.She is loved and in turn loves us well.

Sh-boom , sh-boom, Ya-da-da Da-da-da Da-da-da-da-Da Sh-boom Sh-boom...

Life can be a dream Sweetheart.

Have a wonderful day.
See you tomorrow!
the critters in The Cottage


  1. A wonderful story of love, trust, and faith in the goodness that lies beneath.

    The Chans

  2. Oh Mitalee I just love that last picture and the picture of you and Lewis snuggling!!! Thank goodness your mum saw past first impressions and trusted her own heart and brought you home. You were meant to be together...I love a happy ending :-)

    Sometimes I shudder to think if things had gone a little differently that I may have not met my boys and brought them home. Everybody seems like they are supposed to be here, its hard to imagine otherwise.

  3. Oh, yes, a wonderful story with a happy ending all round. We especially love the photo of Mitalee on the kitty condo, rolling and looking up. Sweet and silly!

    -Fuzzy Tales

  4. Thank you for giving us the story - it is a story of faith in your beliefs - it is indeed a feeling you have that won't go away and in the end you decided on the best outcome.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. I loved your beautiful story! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  6. That's such a wonderful story of Mitalee! I love the picture of her and Lewis cuddling and the one where shes turned upside down paws up on the cat tree!

    XO K:)

  7. HA! I was right! Victory is mine!! I KNEW you wouldn't leave the oily cat behind. I had a feeling that you gave her a chance! Bless you! This story turned out perfect! I love it. You are awesome :)


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