April 12, 2011

Lewis and his Talent .

When LP started blogging  three months ago (I know, mere weeks and it has been soooo incredible meeting you!!) , she mentioned she would share a talent of Lewis' with you. Since LP tends to be a stickler with words , we looked up the word " talent " in the dictionary. We wanted to ensure this was the most appropriate word to use for our story and found this definition :

                        Talent : innate ability, aptitude or faculty ; an above average ability.

LP had thought penchant might be a better way to describe Lewis' aptitude but after reading that definition , she decided to stick with talent as the word which best described his skill.

LP was first introduced to Lewis and his Talent one day at about 3 a.m. in the morning , when he was about two years old ; he is now four years old. You could say his talent needed to mature a bit before it surfaced. The day of , The Introduction to Lewis' Talent , had been an uneventful one and LP had completed her chores, taken her usual bath before bed and was sound asleep under the covers when it hit her. His talent that is. Hit her. It made her bolt upright in bed, scrambling to climb out of the deepest of sleeps and prompted her to situate herself. The room was eerily lit in multi-coloured light and LP could hear voices.  The voices seemed to be arguing or screaming or decidedly not friendly. She was experiencing high anxiety, fear and complete confusion all at once.Then she heard Lewis. He was speaking to her plaintively insisting she wake up and do his bidding. LP focused on the direction of his chatter and her eyes looked up, up and higher still only to find Lewis on top of the t.v. in the bedroom. And therein lies Lewis' Talent . He had jumped on top of the t.v. and perhaps had inadvertently landed on the power switch found there and his paws had also hit the volume switch which accounted for the loud arguing voices. The volume had shot up to 180. LP didn't even know sound could reach that level of ear piercing pain.Now you may ask yourself, talent? What talent? Obviously that was a fluke. A master stroke , but a fluke nonetheless. But no , it wasn't a one time only pony trick. Lewis continues, two years later to perform his wizardry on a regular basis and always between 3a.m. and 4a.m. in the morning. And since talent by definition means an above average ability to do something ,  than it is a genuine talent that he has because his artistry has the above average ability to drive LP certifiably nuts. That's correct. Cuckoo.To further drive LP over the edge without a safety line to pathetically grab at , Lewis likes to practice his early morning moves in the evenings during regular t.v. viewing hours . Here are some pics demonstrating Lewis' formidable and vaguely odious ability. They truly demonstrate his versatility as an artist wouldn't you agree?

Lewis , " Be certain to act as if you belong up there so as not to draw attention."

Lewis , " A little nonchalant grooming is always good."

Lewis , " Look the other way."

Lewis , " Look down at them. As if to say, I dare you to come and get me. Or , as if to simply say , Welcome to my Reign of Terror. It's good to be King. A crafty , clever , versatile , unstoppable... KING. King Lewis . Sweet music to my ears. " 

Have a terrorless Tuesday.
See you tomorrow!
the critters in The Cottage


  1. Oh, Lewis, we bet that first time just about gave LP heart failure. And "Reign of Terror?" MOL!

    The mom is just glad Nicki doesn't have that talent...mind you, the TV switch isn't anywhere that he could access, thank cod. He gets into enough as it is.

    -Fuzzy Tales

  2. Sweet Lewis you are so very clever!!! Definitely like the nonchalant poses on top of the TV...who could ever suspect you of any such trechery - LOL :-)

  3. Lewis - what a clever mancat you are knowing when your mom wants to watch the TV before she even knows herself. You can obviously read her thoughts and we think you should have your own TV show so you can pass on your tips to other aspiring mancats (or ladycats)!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Good grief, Lewis! That is a very unusual talent! #1 says it might just make her unplug the TV every night...

  5. Lewis, you are smart as a whip!

  6. Lewis, Lewis, Lewis...your lucky that you are so dang cute who noes what would happen without your good looks...

    XO K:)


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