April 11, 2011

Leo and Alice Sitting in a Tree.

Leo, " I've been lying around these days, thinking about nothing except Alice. You remember, she was the lead singer for , The Rock Cats. They performed at Lewis' birthday party. Anyhoo, we sort of had a romantic interlude that evening and I haven't seen her since. She's touring right now with the band."

Leo, " I guess I've been moping. LP says eighteen pounds of moping is far too much moping and I need to snap out of it ! "

Leo, " She's right . I need to DO something ! "

Leo , " I know. I'll write a poem ! "

Leo, " O.k. Here goes :  Roses are red ,
                                      Violets are blue ,
                                       Alice, you ' re a cat with rythm ,
                                       and I really dig you. "

Leo, " No, even I can hear how juvenile that sounds. I need to put true feeling into it. Let's see.

                                                Warm , damp bedding
                                                 cast aside
                                                 we have lain here
                                                 solely aware
                                                 of the other's
                                                 absence. "

Leo, " Well now that might be a little too forward. I wouldn't want to scare her away..."

Leo, " I'll just sleep on it for now."

Have a madcap Monday!
See you tomorrow.
the critters in The Cottage.


  1. Leo, we think you're a fine poet. How could Alice resist?

    -Fuzzy Tales

  2. Don't give up trying to woo her Leo - sleep on it and try again tomorrow.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. HAHAHAHAH!! The Rock Cats? Perfect!
    And wow Leo yeah a little forward on that second poem there.. Very expressive and deep though.. Warm damp bedding eh? Oh my... *blushes*

  4. Her tour can't last forever Leo. I'm sure you will have written something wonderful by the time she comes home :-) Don't give up trying!

  5. Alice will come around Leo don't give up. The best thing to do is sleep on it so so far your doing everything just fine! And for beginner that poem was very good!

    XO K:)


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