April 18, 2011

Just for the Fun of it .

LP thought it would be fun to present you with seven clues , one for each critter , in order for you to get to know us better. Then you can match the clue with one of us and LP will let you know which clue matches which critter tomorrow. We are : Issa , Mitalee , Esme, Lewis , Duffy , Tulip and Leo . Have fun guessing!

I never drink out of the water bowls provided for me. I am a cat . Who am I ?

I drool like a Saint Bernard when I am happy. I am a cat . Who am I ?

I am a shoulder rider. I am a cat. Who am I ?

My favourite sleeping place is called, "the cow hut" . I am a cat . Who am I ?

My nickname is " BooBoo " . I am a cat . Who am I ?

I like to tuck myself into bed at night . I am a pup . Who am I ?

I look like a gopher when I ask to be picked up. I am a pup . Who am I ?

Leave your guesses/matches in the comments.
We'll match them for you tomorrow.
Have a fun day!
the critters in The Cottage


  1. We're hopeless at this kind of thing, because our mom's useless and doesn't remember even a smidgen of what she reads on all the blogs. So we'll wait for the answers tomorrow. Haha!

    -Fuzzy Tales

  2. My gosh those are tough, but what fun trying to match a critter to the description :-)

    Here are my guesses:

    Issa - #7
    Mitalee - #4
    Esme - #6
    Lewis - #3
    Duffy - #5
    Tulip - #1
    Leo - #2

  3. GopherDog = Duffy
    TuckPup = Issa
    BooBooKitty = Lewis
    CowCat = Tulip
    ShouldCat = Esme
    SaintCat = Leo
    WaterCat - Mitalee
    Looking forward to tomorrow's blog...

  4. Oh no...we didn't know there was gonna be a quiz!!

    We're gonna cheat and come back tomorrow to crib the answers!

  5. Watercat = Esme
    Drooler = Lewis
    Tucked in = Duffy
    Gopherpup= Issa
    Shouldercat = Mitalee
    Cowcat= Tulip
    BooBoo = Leo
    Hope we got a few right!!

  6. Yay pop quiz! Here it goes...

    1. Mitalee
    2. Leo
    3. Esme
    4. Tulip
    5. Lewis
    6. Issa
    7. Duffy

    Cant wait to see the answers tomorrow!

    XO K:)


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