April 29, 2011

Driving Miss Issa .

Issa, " Hey Duffy ! I feel like some nice, tasty, organic greens. Are there any in the house ? "

Duffy , " I don't think so and the Humans aren't home so we can't ask them . "

" Let's go for a car drive and go look for some organic greens. The Humans will never know."

Duffy, " I've never driven a car before but it can't be that difficult ! "

Duffy, " Do not be alarmed. Fear not.  I've been a passenger in a car many times . I am certain driving cannot be that much different . "

Duffy,  " And we're off to the races ! "

Issa , " I feel very safe in your driving hands Duffy. Very much so. "

Pretty scenery.

Can you see the faint outline of mountains?

Duffy, " We are here ! We made it in one piece."

Duffy , " If we follow this path and pass the Willow Tree we will arrive at our (un) known destination.

 There is the Willow Tree.

Issa , " OH MY CAT ! Look at all the fresh, organic greens ! "

Duffy, " It's like a great , big , organic greens salad bar. We found it ! Let's dig in ."

Issa, " I am sufficiently sufficed. My tummy is full of delicious greens. "

Duffy, " We had better head home now before the Humans notice the car is missing ! "

Hope you have a fun weekend looking for adventure!
See you soon.
the critters in The Cottage

April 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Tweet . Treat .
Have a lovely day.
the critters in The Cottage

April 26, 2011

On Losing Lewis.

LP, " I have been thinking about a poem by a French poet , Paul Verlaine , since Lewis' death. It is raining today and this poem seems even more fitting because of it . I wanted to share some lines of the poem with you.  The critters wanted to quote poets they appreciate as well to commerate the loss of Lewis and how they feel about it . "

                                                             " Il pleure dans mon coeur
                                                               Comme il pleut sur la ville; "
                                                                                                   Paul Verlaine (1844-1896)
                                                               " It rains in my heart
                                                                 as it rains on the town; "

It is raining in all of our hearts since the death of Lewis. Mitalee spends her day going from one favourite Lewis sleeping spot to another. Esme who usually likes to spend her day in the spare room (the sunniest room in the place) won't leave my side . The pups are keeping a watchful eye on me and stay in whichever room I happen to be in. The foster cats mourn from afar.


             Tulip , " Even if happiness forgets you a little bit , never completely forget about it ."
                                                                                                      ~ Jacques Prevert

Leo , " Life is eternal , and love is immortal ,
           and death is only a horizon ;
           and a horizon is nothing save the
           limit of our sight ."
                                             ~ Rossiter Worthington Raymond

Duffy , " You can clutch the past so tightly to your chest that it leaves your arms too full to embrace the present . "
                ~ Jan Glidewell

Issa , " For death is no more than a turning of us over time to eternity. "
                                                                                                       ~ William Penn

Esme , " One knows less about ones own destiny than about anything else on earth . "
                                                                                              ~ Gabrielle Roy
                                                  And ~

          " The Eskimos had 52 names for snow because it was important to them ; there ought to be as many for love . "
                           ~ Margaret Atwood

Mitalee , " I hold it true , what e ' er befall ;
                  I feel it , when I sorrow most ;
                  ' Tis better to have loved and lost
                  Than never to have loved at all . "
                                                                  ~ Alfred Lord Tennyson

LP, " Grieve well that which you have lost but with each passing day , continue to be astonished by the blessings which surround you. In this way , your loss becomes less about you and more about celebrating love's eternal life ."
                                                 ~ LP. April 25, 2011.

Have a peaceful day.
See you soon.
the critters in The Cottage

April 22, 2011

Thank You .

LP, " Yesterday I walked around my city with camera in hand. I walked with purpose. I was looking to take pictures of flowers. All different kinds of flowers in my graceful, blossoming city. Buds blooming , unfolding, unfurling, flourishing. Flowering  for you. Flowers just for you. I want to fill your hearts with flowers, the way each of your comments, left after my post on losing Lewis, filled my heart with love. Thank you.

Lewis' favourite colour was orange.

Thank you  Cat for your lovely post and for sharing my sad news with such a kind and supportive group of people.Each and every one of you moved me. Your heartfelt, warmhearted, kindhearted words were like gentle and caring arms surrounding me. They filled my heart with L O V E 

Tracy, thank you for the gift of Lewis. We were fortunate that you chose us to take care of him. Our hearts are fuller because of it. Our life with him was that much more abundant because of it.

We hope the Easter Bunny fills your basket with special Easter treats this weekend.
We will see you soon.
the critters in The Cottage


April 20, 2011

My Funny Valentine .

LP , " Some times it is difficult to know how to begin a story. Where to begin exactly. Especially if it is a true stroy. Especially if it is a sad story. Especially if your heart is heavy and full and breaking.That's what I am faced with today. I'm not sure how to begin. But begin I must.

I wanted to spare you. I had wanted to create a place where we could be in forgetfulness together, momentarily forgetful of the weighted things of life. I wanted to create a balance from a world that often seems disconnected from the purpose of goodness, beauty, compassion, friendship. A world often disconnected from a certain altruism of life . At times , a world headed toward a type of superficiality that I find destructive to the uniqeness of what the human spirit can be. I wanted to creatively share my love of animals and the purity of their spirit , and in turn to know that you loved your animals equally. And in that space of forgetfulness I wanted to create joy, lightness, a sense of wellbeing. But something dark crept in and now I am forced to share a loss with you. My friend Tracy said to me , " Thank you for letting me share your grief. It is just as profound and important as joy."  I am unable to continue blogging, something that I look forward to doing daily, I look forward to YOU daily, without sharing this grief . I hope you feel the same way Tracy does.

Some time on Saturday, in the early  morning of April 16th 2011 , Lewis died. Friday morning we heard him call out in the kitchen. He was sitting at his feeding station in a pool of urine.We took him to the vet's immediately. A blood panel was run on him, urine sample taken, X-rays were taken. He was put on an IV. The vet found him to be jaundiced and anemic. We were told he had the symptoms of rat poisoning. We were incredulous. We don't have rat poison. Period. Lewis is an indoor cat. What was happening?!! We were told to go home without him.That is was better to let him rest, be observed, kept on the IV. The vet would call us later in the afternoon to let us know the blood test results and we would go from there.

By 4:30 in the afternoon we still hadn't heard back from the lab.Out of our minds with worry by then, we went down to the vet's office anyway because we needed to be with Lewis. When we got there Lewis was so happy to see us. He purred as I have never heard him purr and we were able to tell him how much we loved him. When the tests finally came in we were told he had IMHA. Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia. It sounded innocent enough but it was a pernicious prognosis. We had never heard of this disease and were told that it is usually found in dogs.That it is rare and swift acting.That usually it  is apparent an animal has it a week or so before a full out invasion sets in. We were told the fact that Lewis had not displayed any symptoms whatsoever until that morning, was not good. We started him on treatment right away. We were told the first three days would be most crucial. We stayed with Lewis at the clinic until they closed at 9 p.m. that night and then we reluctantly went home. We naively believed he would get better. That we had caught the "monster" in his body in time to forever rid him of it. We thought Lewis would be waiting for us in the morning ; feeling stronger. Lewis died during the night. Gone. Just like that.

I am beyond devastated. Lewis was a HUGE personality who followed me around my day like a loyal sentinel. He offered me a daily source of levity and joy. He was quirky and sensitive and peculiar in the most lovable way imaginable. Lewis resisted being picked up (he was too busy and always in movement) but we would pick him up just to hear him protest . He would spew out these funny little noises that if translated would surely mean, " Let go of me you big oafs ! " We called him our Little Protester. We called him our BooBoo Boy. BooBoo. I called him My Funny Valentine.

I can't even begin to describe the hole his brutal absence has left in our lives ; the hole it has left in my heart. And I don't want to even try. It's all too raw right now. I can barely speak of Lewis in the past tense. It is surreal. He was four years old , beautiful, vibrant and loved like crazy. But those things did not guarantee that he would live into his old age. The decision to end  Lewis' life was not mine to make. It was made by a force much greater than my great need to keep him here , close to me.

I have however, made the decision to keep him alive for a while longer here in cyberspace. I have a megabillion photographs of Lewis. I plan to "feature" him on the blog once in a while. I plan to tell a few more Lewis stories.Because his life was cut short. Because in this way he lives on in memory. Because he wasn't just "my Lewis". He was yours too.

Count Lewis Leopard Leaping Frog , in my friend Tracy's hands . Welcome to the World.

Thinking of his forever family over the sea and far away.

A personality emerges. It is  H U G E .

Lewis ," But I am deliciously sweet too. Look."

Esme, " That depends to whom you are speaking with. Pesky little brother ."
Mitalee, " They are at it again. Ugh."

Lewis, " I'll give you a turn. Be patient. It is a virtue."

Lewis , " I'm pretty flexible. Can you see my pink toes?

Lewis, " I know. It doesn't look comfortable but oddly enough it is."


Lewis , " Who me ? " Handsome.

With eyes the colour of Tropical seas or the beautiful milkiness of jade.

Sweetness in a hammock. K's " LouLou."

True Love.

Rest in Peace Lewis. You were loved before you came to us. You were loved after you came to us. You are loved now, and into all the days of our tomorrows.