March 1, 2011

A walk in the park

We went for a lovely  walk in the park with LP.
We saw Mallard ducks.A gentle hen and her gentle drake.

We saw a heron through the tall grasses.By the water's edge.

The clouds hung heavy,beautiful in the sky.

The clouds followed us onto the long, wide open path .

LP says some people say her head is in the clouds too much of the time.She must have a really, really long neck.

Issa,"I wonder if  LP has a shadow."

Duffy,"I have a shadow and it follows me on all my adventures.Me and my shadow!"

My shadow and I.

Happy Tuesday Trails!
the critters in The Cottage


  1. What a great spot for a wonderful walk! We can hardly wait till we have bare, dry ground again!

  2. That looks a great place for a walk. We hope you got some great smells to sniff.
    luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Looks like Duffy likes hanging out with his shadow!

    XO K:)

  4. Beautiful landscape! We are crossing our paws that spring is truly on its way.

  5. OH, my the pictures are amazing!! Looks like a beautiful place to live.


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