March 16, 2011

Masekela's Prayer of Love

LP went to a jazz concert last Saturday evening.Hugh Masekela was playing.He is a seventy-one years old African trumpeter who has lived through Apartheid, and who has no doubt seen many things in his lifetime.LP said his music found the part of her spirit that lays quietly at peace,then spread to her heart and lifted her joy.

Half way through the concert, Hugh Masekela told the audience that when they felt at their absolute best, to find a moment in their day to send a prayer of love to the people in the world who have recently suffered because of natural disasters or who are at the hand of a gouvernement gone awry.And to remember how very fortunate they the audience members were.

LP has been thinking about all the people who have suffered the destruction of their lives as they have known them because of  earthquakes, floods, tsunamis and other indicators of Nature's unrest, and power.She has been thinking of people who are trying to escape from or cope with a regime gone terribly wrong.LP says it's difficult some times to know what to do in the face of so many recent world disasters.It seems finding a still moment in your day, and sending your singular words of love out into the universe, to those suffering in the world, is a good place to start. To those who have passed; women, men, children, babies, animals.Rest in peace.

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  1. For the past couple of decades or so, I've consciously sent the Light out to All Beings for their Highest Good -- "Light" being my choice of word for positive universal energy and my way of "praying."

    It's tricky to find a balance between Compassion for the incredible suffering and maintaining your own sanity and peace of mind. Because you can't help another Being if you are overwhelmed by that suffering and are barely able to cope.


  2. Hugh Masekela sounds like an amazing man who chose love over bitterness!

    Thank you for this post and reminding us all of how truly fortunate we are. We must remember to see beyond ourselves and be mindful of those suffering in the world and send them our prayers of love.

  3. Hugh Masekela sounds as though he thought long and hard about life - there is much suffering in the world and at the moment Japan is in need of our thoughts.
    We loved the pictures.
    luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. I, too, engage in sending Light and Love as Kea (above) mentioned. It is good to connect with like-minded people.

    Your post is beautiful. Thank you.


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