March 18, 2011

It all started with the bows (cont'd.from yesterday).

When Issa came home from the groomer's last week, she had bows in her hair. Issa has been to groomers alot over the years; she needs to be groomed every few months and she is nine years old so that is quite a few dates with groomers! Usually Issa comes home groomed without "ornaments" at LP's request, occasionally she will come home wearing a bandana, and once in a blue moon a misguided groomer has put her in bows.LP "rotates" groomers because she is not organized when it comes to getting Issa groomed and some times it can take a few weeks before certain groomers can take her.LP consequently sends Issa to whomever can take her with very little notice.When Issa went to the groomer's last week, she came home in pink bows.The effect was stupifying.It was as if LP had walked into a brick wall.It looked as if she saw stars, her eyes grew big, her heart probably skipped a beat; she said everything looked BETTER and  FRESHER.LP couldn't seem to keep her eyes off of Issa or the sheepish grin off her face.The rest of us found it annoying and slightly creepy. We all started humming,"Why do birds suddenly appear...everytime, you are near..." whenever we caught LP stupidly gaping at Issa in order to snap her out of it, but to no avail.

"Just like me, they long to be...close to you...".

Then last Saturday morning LP announced she was going shopping with Auntie J.LP explained she wanted to buy some new articles for Issa.And with that, they were gone.

LP was bent on buying a new harness for Issa.

 There were many collars and harnesses and styles to choose from. Yet one consistent factor made it easy for LP to narrow it down to the new harness and collar she eventually chose.

Now to find the perfect jacket or sweater.Auntie J spotted a sweater that LP knew would keep the stars in her eyes and the bells ringing in her head were she to buy it.

There was a wonderful collection of pet beds but Auntie J had to drag LP away from them as quickly as she could.LP loves pet beds like some women love shoes.Later that afternoon, LP finally came home only to feverishly pull out her purchases.

As Issa modeled her new harness, LP appeared giddy.

When Issa tried on her sweater LP felt her knees go weak.We know.Gag. She actually had to sit down!

One pink harness, one pink sweater and one collar with pink flowers, all for Issa.LP didn't even remember to buy the rest of us anything! Cripes.What is going on with LP?

It all started with the bows.The PINK bows.

We hope you are also "in the pink", meaning, at the pinnacle of wellbeing, this weekend.Remember to love what you have!
See you Monday.
the critters in The Cottage


  1. Aaaaaaaaauuuuughhhh! Run for the hills, guys!!!!!!!!

  2. Nobuddy can resist beautiful pink! Issa looks so pretty with the pink bows and I love the monkey sweater!

  3. So cute, I love all of Issa's new accessories, I am such a pink girl too :-)

  4. It's a good thing that pink is so your colour!!
    luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. That is one cute sweater, now Issa and Duffy mach! It all looks very adorable on Issa! Maybe all the other critters will get something next time!

    XO K:)


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