March 28, 2011

Forbidden Love.

Leo,"I knew I shouldn't have said anything to Tulip but what would you have done? Dang! I never thought he would ever come back but he did! I was serenely counting birds and there he was. I couldn't believe my eyes!"

Leo, "That's right. The SunKiss Kid. The love of Tulip's life. How did he ever find her?"

Leo,"Well he wanted to come in.Said he needed to talk to Tulip one more time.I let him in. I didn't know that Tulip was sleeping..."

Leo," to Duffy...".

Leo,"SunKiss left when he saw that."

Leo, "Said he wouldn't be coming back.Left a tulip he had brought for Tulip."

Leo, "Of course Tulip saw the flower when she woke up (just like The Kid to bring something bigger than life!) and asked me where it came from. I told her since I am incapable of lying.It's not in me to lie."

Leo,"Tulip jumped on the roof to go looking for SunKiss even though I told her he was long gone."

Leo, "And now she says she plans to wait there until he comes back."

Leo,"I'm going to close my eyes and get some sleep.All this drama has made me tired. I told The SunKiss Kid that Tulip and Duffy are just friends but he clearly didn't believe me. I told Tulip that SunKiss wasn't coming back and she clearly didn't believe me.There is nothing left for me to do but  have a nice, long, cat nap. Hopefully Tulip will remember what a charletan he was.A real niphead. A cad. Not a cool cat with her in any way, shape or form.But she always seems to fall for those green eyes and all his lies. Zzzzzzzz. "

Tulip,"I just want to let SunKiss know Duffy and I are friends. It was innocent .Truly...innocent . At least I think it was...".

Have a Mellow Monday!
See you tomorrow.
the critters in The Cottage


  1. Yes, it's a real kitty soap opera! Why do good ladycats always fall for the bad boys?

    -Fuzzy Tales

  2. I'd fall for thoase green eyes too :-)

    Poor Tulip, I hope she isn't too heartbroken!!! Such an adorable picture of she and Duffy snuggling.

  3. I need another tissue. Sob. Hope Tulip is not too unhappy today.

  4. The SunKiss Kid will be back! No one could stay away from you for long Tulip.You are the belle of the ball!

  5. Oh Tulip, the one time Sunkiss came back to see you and your snuggling with Duffy! I guess all forbidden love has consequences!

    XO K:)

  6. I hope Sunkiss is not too broken hearted!


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