March 8, 2011

Cats Cuddling For Cat

Cat, we would like to send you some love.We'll ask "Woody Stripes" to leave though.She has yet to master cat cuddling!

Is that Esme cuddling Lewis as a baby or does she have him cornered...

That's more like it.

Yup.We are as comfortable as can be!

More spillage.

Honorary cats, Duffy and Issa with Barnaby stuffie and Yummy Monkey in the background,send their love too.

Spreading our love-in to you.

I'm sending you all my sweetest cuddles!

I'm thinking of you.

We are thinking of you too!

And send you kisses.

We each of us send cat cuddles and all our critter love out to you, Cat.We hope we brightened your day.

We lit a candle for your brother Angus, on our sidebar.

the critters in The Cottage


  1. Ah, you are all such great cuddlers!

  2. Oh kitties and honorary kitties, I cannot even begin to express how touched I am by this gesture!!! Your cuddles and beautiful pictures have definitely brightened my day and eased my sorrow. Thank you for thinking of me, your friendship and kindness and for lighting a candle. I love all of you :-)

  3. What a lovely thing to do for Cat. We are sure your pictures brought a smile to her face. We LOLed at the spillage photo!

  4. Hello everyone!

    Thank you so much for coming over to visit my blog and leaving such lovely comments! I am sorry it's taken me so long to come and return your visit - my paws have been a bit full lately with a bit of hissing, spitting, kitty fluff! :-)

    I loved all your cuddle photos! I wish I could send Muesli to you for some 'cuddle lessons' - wow, it's wonderful how you all get along so nicely when there are so many of you and you are all so different in personality. You're all such an inspiration!

    Honey the Great Dane
    ps. Oooh - I would love a Yummy Monkey too! (although mine would be a lot dirtier and slimier...!)

  5. This post made me feel all warm and fuzzy! I love the "spillage" shot!


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