March 31, 2011

A Romp in the Park.

LP took Issa and Duffy to our neighbourhood park yesterday. We picked up our neighbour's dog Smokey, along the way.We brought two balls for a bit of tossing variety.

Issa, "Throw the ball ! Throw the ball ! !"

Issa, " On your mark, get set , G O ! "

Issa, "Yup. Uhhuh. I've got my eye on the ball.You can throw it! On your mark get set , G O ! "

Issa, " Wowsers! That was a really good one! "

Issa, " I love those nice, long throws! "

Issa, " Better give the others a chance, once I bring this back."

Issa, " Your turn Smokey! "

Issa, " Smokey loves retrieving the ball as much as I do! "

Issa, " Duffy loves to run after the ball and is very proud when he finds it . I'm still working on teaching him to bring the ball back ! "


Double Happiness.

Have a happy day!
the critters in The Cottage

March 30, 2011

Lewis observes Esme's failed photo shoot.

Lewis, " I used to have this friend, Nelson.He was a really, really cool cat.But he used to dip into the nip quite a bit.He had to roll a nip every morning with his breakfast and of course it didn't end there. It kinda got bad over the years and we eventually lost touch. Anyhooo... I've been thinking about LP and all these "ideas" she has.And well, I know two footers are pretty good at hiding things when they aren't feeling well and I was thinking maybe something's off with her brain."

Lewis, " I mean she's trying to stuff  Esme into a plant pot. That can't be right... even for a two footer."

Lewis, " What did my friend Lola used to say again?, "It's a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world".Lo-lo-lo-lo Lola.Oh right.That's a song.Lalalalalala."

Lewis, " I'm just saying...maybe LP's brain's a little fuzzy.I mean, Issa in pink, Leo in the tie, Esme in a plant pot.Maybe there are too many pots being strewn around. I'm just contemplating is all."

 Lewis, " One thing I can tell you.If LP tries to stuff me into that plant pot next it won't be fun. For me. At all. I don't like cheese and I am a lot bigger than Esme and I'll be lucky if I can squeeze a leg into that thing."

Lewis, " How did the rest of that song go? It's a mixed up, muddled up , shook up world , except for Lola.Lo-lo-lo-lo Lola.I met her in a club down in old Soho, where you drink champagne and it tastes just like cherry-cola. C-o-l-a. Cola. Wonder what happened to Nelson. He was such a cool cat."

Have a great day!
the critters in The Cottage

March 29, 2011

Esme's failed photo shoot.

K was here visiting this past week as she is on her Spring school break.LP thought it would be fun to stick Esme in a plant pot and take pictures of her.We know, what absurdity! LP convinced K that Esme would look incredibly sweet and that she wouldn't mind at all.LP even used cheese to tempt Esme into going into the pot where LP actually envisioned her sitting sweetly and innocently as all good cat pot sitters must do.Esme didn't feel the same way about this so called brilliant idea as you will soon enough see.

Esme, " Cheese pieces in a pot. Strange."

Esme, " I love cheese though.So I'll take it however it comes."

Esme, " You want me to climb into the pot?"

Esme, "She can't be serious... I must not  have  heard that correctly!"

Esme, "I'll perk my ears to better hear her answer and ask again.So, you want me to climb into the pot for a few kernels of cheese, correct?

Esme, "Where do you get these crazy ideas?"

Esme, " Let me think about it for a moment, and then I'll let you know how I feel about your latest, "brilliant", idea."

LP, " So much for the idea of Esme posing in a pot...but wouldn't her eyes have looked stunning against the blue of the pottery?"

Have a sweet day!
the critters in The Cottage.

March 28, 2011

Forbidden Love.

Leo,"I knew I shouldn't have said anything to Tulip but what would you have done? Dang! I never thought he would ever come back but he did! I was serenely counting birds and there he was. I couldn't believe my eyes!"

Leo, "That's right. The SunKiss Kid. The love of Tulip's life. How did he ever find her?"

Leo,"Well he wanted to come in.Said he needed to talk to Tulip one more time.I let him in. I didn't know that Tulip was sleeping..."

Leo," to Duffy...".

Leo,"SunKiss left when he saw that."

Leo, "Said he wouldn't be coming back.Left a tulip he had brought for Tulip."

Leo, "Of course Tulip saw the flower when she woke up (just like The Kid to bring something bigger than life!) and asked me where it came from. I told her since I am incapable of lying.It's not in me to lie."

Leo,"Tulip jumped on the roof to go looking for SunKiss even though I told her he was long gone."

Leo, "And now she says she plans to wait there until he comes back."

Leo,"I'm going to close my eyes and get some sleep.All this drama has made me tired. I told The SunKiss Kid that Tulip and Duffy are just friends but he clearly didn't believe me. I told Tulip that SunKiss wasn't coming back and she clearly didn't believe me.There is nothing left for me to do but  have a nice, long, cat nap. Hopefully Tulip will remember what a charletan he was.A real niphead. A cad. Not a cool cat with her in any way, shape or form.But she always seems to fall for those green eyes and all his lies. Zzzzzzzz. "

Tulip,"I just want to let SunKiss know Duffy and I are friends. It was innocent .Truly...innocent . At least I think it was...".

Have a Mellow Monday!
See you tomorrow.
the critters in The Cottage

March 25, 2011

Suddenly Spring



Have a lovely Spring weekend.
See you Monday!
the critters in The Cottage.

March 24, 2011

Bengal Clever

Ginger,"It's a nice day to do some gardening!"

Ginger,"Darn! I forgot something in the house...".

Ginger,"I know H will gush over me for remembering..."

Ginger,"She's always telling me to leave the furniture alone..."

Ginger,"So I'll sharpen my claws where I am supposed to before I start digging in the garden!"

Have a great day!
the critters in The Cottage