February 17, 2011

Spring hasn't quite Sprung but...

It's beginning to look like Spring in these parts of the woods!

Tiny, delicate bulbs have sprouted tiny, delicate flowers.

The heather is heathering!

Bunnies are hopping.Well, maybe not these particular bunnies...

It does feel as though Spring is Springing!

We hope you find a "Spring" in your step today!
the critters in The Cottage


  1. Oh, it's so pretty there! Our desert will bloom in a few weeks; we had a nice wet winter.

  2. My nose is tingling in anticipation of the sweet smells of spring!

  3. here's a question for Lewis, what is your favourite flower I bet it's Tulips is it tulips?
    Your not the only one who's waiting for spring to come I cant wait!

    XO K:)


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