February 9, 2011

Peace of Mind

Yesterday we went on a long walk in the forest.LP says the reason she is able to live in this large city is because she can access the forest and the beach at walking distance.LP says in her heart she is a small town country girl who loves the variety a big city provides.

When we go on these walks we take two separate neighbour's dogs with us.They like the adventure and we enjoy their company.This is Claire.She is a gentle,sweet girl and such a good listener.We rarely have to leash her!

This is Smokey and although the sunlight is bleaching his colour out a bit making him look older, he is actually younger than Duffy.Smokey and Duffy have a bromance going on.They adore each other and love to play chase!

Here is what the three dogs would do every time LP pulled the camera out.They would stop running around and stand completely still.You may wonder where Issa is at this point.She would run to LP's side each time she attempted to take pictures of them.The camera and LP became a walking stop light.Camera out, stand still,camera in, run, run, run, run!!!

Finally one shot of Duffy running free."Born free, as free as the wind blows.As free as the grass grows."

We arrive at the forest entrance."Be sure to stay on the path little ones.You don't want a coyote to get you!",warns Claire.

Don't forget to look up once in a while puppies.

"Live free, and beauty surrounds you.The world still astounds you...". 

Have a wonderful Wednesday!
the critters in  The Cottage



  1. What a gorgeous forest, how wonderful to have it so close by!!!

  2. That's a beautiful walk! I wish I could join you!


  3. You are lucky to live where you do. Looks like the doggies love it also. You will have to get some leashes for the cats so they can go next time....now that would be fun! Or not. One can alway fantasize.


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