February 11, 2011

Party time

Hi everyone . It's me. Tulip Bunny Blossom Sweet Heart aka Tooley B. I was just thinking about The SunKiss Kid . Boy did he ever turn my world upside down !  He was the love of my life.

"I get all giddy and flushed when I think about him . It had a sketchy ending though . He was a nipaholic.  I had to choose me, put myself first . You know how it goes . I'll never forget those green eyes though . I always thought I'd see him again...".

"SunKiss Kid . SunKiss Kid . Where art thou SunKiss ? "

"He's not coming back . Who am I trying to fool ?  I'll put on my best black bow and go out dancing ! There's nothing like a good party to cheer this ole gal up ! "

Have a great weekend everyone ! Put on your dancing shoes if you get the chance !
the critters in The Cottage


  1. The Sunkiss Kid doesn't know what he is missing! You are adorable in your bow, Tooley B!!

  2. Oh Tulip, any Mancat would be lucky to have you!

  3. Tulip, we agree, any mancat would be *lucky* to be with you!

  4. We think you have a great attitude Tulip...a girl has to pick herself up and dust herself off and try again!!!

    PS - your bow is beautiful :-)

  5. Us Boys are always ready for a dance with a sweet gal!

  6. Wow! You're a strong kitty girl, Tulip, and you deserve much love and happiness!

    The Chans

  7. Yes! Dancing is always a good solution to feeling better!


  8. That's the spirit, Tulip! Any mancat would LOVE to be with you!

  9. Tooley B - that mancat must be kicking himself - fancy leaving you all alone. Never mind we are sure there will be lots of mancats queueing at your door.


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