February 24, 2011

Wildlife Conservation.

Yesterday LP played hookey and went to the Mountain View Wildlife Conservation Society.The conservation runs Canadian and International breeding and return to their natural habitats programs
for various endangered species.The Northern Spotted Owl (above) is one such endangered specie here in Canada,with the society presently establishing a return to their natural habitat breeding program to ensure their survival.

LP saw boards with thought provoking quotes from brilliant minds scattered around the sanctuary.

 "If people were superior to animals they'd take better care of the world." And still other quotes, like this one, from a timeless, beloved childhood character.LP liked these boards with truthful quotes,but they also made her feel sad.

The Vancouver Island Marmot is also dangerously near extinction and thankfully there is a breeding program for them as well.

This serval also lives at the conservation because it was once someone's pet and eventually outgrew a domestic environment and couldn't be tamed.Servals are wild cats and not meant to keep as pets.Now this serval wild cat, although well cared for, will lead a solitary life at the wildlife conservation.

LP was in awe of his splendor and could envision him running wild over acres and acres of land in his country of origin.

LP also saw these Cape wild dogs.They will be returned to Africa soon as this particular group has bred well and their numbers are strong enough to return them to the wild.There are about twenty wild dogs in this group.

It was an enlightening day and LP learned many new facts about endangered species.There is always sorrow in knowing that individuals continue to be careless toward certain living beings we share our world with.Yet there is great joy in knowing that still other people dedicate their entire lives to ensure the wellbeing of these same endangered or maltreated animals.

LP says it takes many people to build that circle of compassion but she is convinced that many of us will stubbornly continue to stretch our hand out in the hopes of finding that last hand that will one day complete the circle for good.

the critters in The Cottage


  1. What a wonderful place!

    Those quotes are fabulous, and all too true, we think. Especially Winnie the Pooh's. (Don't get the mom started on so-called human "superiority" or she'll rant forever.)

    Lovely, lovely photos, thanks so much for sharing them and the info on this conservation society.

  2. What a great way to play hookey. Lovely to see such beautiful animals (yet not so lovely to see them in captivity).

  3. You've got my hand. I will stubbornly continue to hope for the best in people. Great post!


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