February 25, 2011

Long Overdue Post

About a month ago we received a package in the mail.LP had ordered some toys and blankets from Casbah Kitten.Casbah gives a part of the proceeds they make from their toys to animal rescue groups which along with the obvious charm of their toys, motivated LP to order some goodies from them.Here is Leo with his favourite of the bunch.It is a spotted mushroom. There is no sight quite so fulfilling as seeing a thirteen year old, eighteen pound, previously very sad boy, tossing and chasing after a polka dotted, catnip stuffed mushroom.Leo momentarily transformed into a playful, frisky kitten! Heart warming.

LP knows this may sound certifiable, but she is convinced each of her furbabies has a favourite colour. Esme's favourite colour is pink so LP bought her this pink knitted (crocheted?) blanket which is tucked in Esme's favourite bed on top of the dryer machine.It's a hit!

Mitalee loves Annie, her snake.She carries it all over the house screeching out her hunting prowess; leaves Annie on my pillow or at my bedroom door as her personalized gift to me.Soooo sweet!

Tulip loves the catnip filled jellybeans and tosses them all over the room.Lovely to witness as Tulip rarely plays at all. LP tucked one under her so that Tulip would find it after her dreaming but may have partially awakened her in the process.Oops!

 You may be wondering what Lewis chose as his favourite play thing.Did he fall in love with one of the catnip filled jellybeans, the colourful  mushrooms, the snake,the catnip filled ladybugs? Or did he choose to snuggle on one of the scrumptuously soft and cosy blankets? So many choices,what's a boy to choose? Well, see for yourself.

Lewis chose the tissue paper the toys came wrapped in.Of course! And they all played happily ever after.Thank you Casbah.We loved all your goodies.Even the wrapping!

Have a great weekend.Play, play, play kittens.You too Mamas!
See you Monday.
the critters in The Cottage


  1. Your post made me smile real big!

  2. Such wonderful toys, even the tissue paper. Especially the tissue paper. Ha.

    Nicki's favourite toy is a black mouse. Not the grey or white ones, but the black one. Derry likes all his pipe cleaners of various colours. Annie used to love furry "balls," didn't seem to be partial to one colour over another. :-)

  3. Lucy's favourite toy is a tiny male lion we call Leo (so original!!) - Hannah likes the springs that GJ sent us at Christmas. We both love paper and our very favourite is a box - any box will do we're not fussy so long as we can jump in and out of it and do ambushes!!We can so feel like Lewis sitting on his toy paper.
    luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Lewis looks like he's having a good time with the tissue paper! All of the cats look like they enjoy the toys very much, even what the toys got wrapped in!

    XO K:)

  5. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Your furkids are all sooooo super cute. I especially love Lewis's awesome facial markings. He reminds me of a kitten I once fostered named Tutti Frutti who turned out to be a boy (oops) and now his new mummy calls him Alfie :)

  6. We just sent Tuxie/Trixie off to her new home with her PINK mouse.

    We are big fans of the Casbah Kitten toys. (You DO know that Casbah Kitten adopted TWO of our cats?)

    You already know my love for Lewis' face. Look at him on matching paper! (But just because I love his face doesn't mean I actually love him MORE than any of your other critters :-)

  7. I loved this post! Your kitties are so beautiful, and Lewis liking the paper made us smile real big. :)


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