February 28, 2011

Lewis pondering Mitalee's fascination with Annie Conda Snake

Lewis,"I don't get it.It's a piece of fabric stuffed with dried grass.And Mitalee carries it in her mouth screaming, The Hunter's Trophy Cry.What trophy? What hunting prowess could possibly be involved? It's a piece of felt.It's a fake, pink snake with a permanently protruding tongue. Does it even move on its' own?"

Lewis,"It must be a GIRL thing."

Happy Monday!
the critters in The Cottage

February 25, 2011

Long Overdue Post

About a month ago we received a package in the mail.LP had ordered some toys and blankets from Casbah Kitten.Casbah gives a part of the proceeds they make from their toys to animal rescue groups which along with the obvious charm of their toys, motivated LP to order some goodies from them.Here is Leo with his favourite of the bunch.It is a spotted mushroom. There is no sight quite so fulfilling as seeing a thirteen year old, eighteen pound, previously very sad boy, tossing and chasing after a polka dotted, catnip stuffed mushroom.Leo momentarily transformed into a playful, frisky kitten! Heart warming.

LP knows this may sound certifiable, but she is convinced each of her furbabies has a favourite colour. Esme's favourite colour is pink so LP bought her this pink knitted (crocheted?) blanket which is tucked in Esme's favourite bed on top of the dryer machine.It's a hit!

Mitalee loves Annie, her snake.She carries it all over the house screeching out her hunting prowess; leaves Annie on my pillow or at my bedroom door as her personalized gift to me.Soooo sweet!

Tulip loves the catnip filled jellybeans and tosses them all over the room.Lovely to witness as Tulip rarely plays at all. LP tucked one under her so that Tulip would find it after her dreaming but may have partially awakened her in the process.Oops!

 You may be wondering what Lewis chose as his favourite play thing.Did he fall in love with one of the catnip filled jellybeans, the colourful  mushrooms, the snake,the catnip filled ladybugs? Or did he choose to snuggle on one of the scrumptuously soft and cosy blankets? So many choices,what's a boy to choose? Well, see for yourself.

Lewis chose the tissue paper the toys came wrapped in.Of course! And they all played happily ever after.Thank you Casbah.We loved all your goodies.Even the wrapping!

Have a great weekend.Play, play, play kittens.You too Mamas!
See you Monday.
the critters in The Cottage

February 24, 2011

Wildlife Conservation.

Yesterday LP played hookey and went to the Mountain View Wildlife Conservation Society.The conservation runs Canadian and International breeding and return to their natural habitats programs
for various endangered species.The Northern Spotted Owl (above) is one such endangered specie here in Canada,with the society presently establishing a return to their natural habitat breeding program to ensure their survival.

LP saw boards with thought provoking quotes from brilliant minds scattered around the sanctuary.

 "If people were superior to animals they'd take better care of the world." And still other quotes, like this one, from a timeless, beloved childhood character.LP liked these boards with truthful quotes,but they also made her feel sad.

The Vancouver Island Marmot is also dangerously near extinction and thankfully there is a breeding program for them as well.

This serval also lives at the conservation because it was once someone's pet and eventually outgrew a domestic environment and couldn't be tamed.Servals are wild cats and not meant to keep as pets.Now this serval wild cat, although well cared for, will lead a solitary life at the wildlife conservation.

LP was in awe of his splendor and could envision him running wild over acres and acres of land in his country of origin.

LP also saw these Cape wild dogs.They will be returned to Africa soon as this particular group has bred well and their numbers are strong enough to return them to the wild.There are about twenty wild dogs in this group.

It was an enlightening day and LP learned many new facts about endangered species.There is always sorrow in knowing that individuals continue to be careless toward certain living beings we share our world with.Yet there is great joy in knowing that still other people dedicate their entire lives to ensure the wellbeing of these same endangered or maltreated animals.

LP says it takes many people to build that circle of compassion but she is convinced that many of us will stubbornly continue to stretch our hand out in the hopes of finding that last hand that will one day complete the circle for good.

the critters in The Cottage

February 23, 2011

Isn't she lovely.

It's difficult to get a good picture of Esme.In part because she is tiny and elusive, in part because the camera often makes her eyes turn red giving her an evil or indifferent appearance.LP feels these pics make her look soft and lovely.

Tiny Dancer, in still life.

Isn't she lovely.Isn't she wonderful.

Enjoy your furbabies today.We send them each a nose kiss.
the critters in The Cottage.

February 22, 2011

A walk in the little woods

Over the weekend we went for our usual walks with the pups.Since K was visiting and there is always so much to do, we decided to take the pups to the little woods instead of through the big forest which is a longer walk.Along the way we saw some more signs of Spring , springing.

A handful of rainbows.

When we arrived to the little woods, we saw this.

In between the tall trees, we saw this.

We saw sunlight through slender trees.

Our neighbour's dog,Smokey, joined us.Issa as usual, is by LP's leg and remains unseen.

More sweet flowers found on our way home.

Issa,"Let's come back again tomorrow!"

Have a terrific Tuesday!
the crittters in The Cottage

February 21, 2011

K's Creation

K was here for a visit this weekend and she brought a long term guest.That's what LP calls it anyway; I think that's a polite way of saying her invention is not leaving. K was at a Children's Art Festival last week and she invented our long term guest there.K claims her creation went a little awry.Sort of like Dr.Jekyll and Ms.Hyde.We're not sure what that means exactly but it doesn't look  good. At least not for us.We'll let you decide.So, with no further ado (although we already would like to say adieu...),  meet K's Creation.

"Hi Y'all.I'm Stella The Kitchen Utensil and I am a barrel of laughs! I talk a mile a minute and have that southern type of hospitality.I can bake a mean potatoe pie and cook up a sumptuous squirrely, squirrel stew.I grow real magnolias and brew my own whiskey.I tend my vegetable garden and run a mile a day. You could say I'm a well rounded utensil."

"I do, however, have some very strong opinions as to how critters should be raised.Critters should be seen and not heard.I know this may seem a little old fashioned but that's how I was raised and I plan to get The Cottage in order.There is a lot of running around, screeching, lazy-ing about and jumping on counter tops in this house.LP calls it, "freedom of expression".I call it bad manners!"

"In the future, if the critters don't do as they are told, they will have to speak to Stella The Kitchen Utensil and face the consequences of their poor decisions.And I do rule with an iron spoon! No more jumping onto beds, hanging out in bath tubs, stealing food from counter tops, running in the house chasing each other and screaming at the top of critter lungs as critters gallop from one room to the next.Outdoor toys will be kept outdoors and indoor voices will be used at all times.No more whining about getting chores done and a little less lovey dovey stuff and a little more hard work and effort.Things are going to change around here. Stella The Kitchen Utensil has come into Creation."

Lewis,"The Kitchen Utensil has to go."

Mitalee,"There can only be ONE Ruler in The Cottage."

Duffy,"I can be as good as gold.Why I look the epitome of angelhood or sainthood or some hood in this photo.Actually, if truth be told, I would rather continue my happy, scary, hoodlum ways."

Esme,"That pretty, pink pipe cleaner mouth would make an especially sweet play toy...".

Issa,"This is what I think of you and your new rules, you large piece of polycarbonate!"

Tulip,"Well she won't find us in the Cat Room.She probably doesn't even know we exist. She doesn't look all that bright."

Leo,"We can always escape by using the cat balcony if she does find us.I'm not letting her ruin my senior's retreat!"

Looks like the critters have a plan...but will they thwart Stella The Kitchen Utensil that easily?!!

Have a marvelous Monday.
the critters in The Cottage

February 18, 2011


We're climbing out of a deep sleep to remind you...

To have a snuggly weekend!

See you on Monday!
the critters in The Cottage

February 17, 2011

Spring hasn't quite Sprung but...

It's beginning to look like Spring in these parts of the woods!

Tiny, delicate bulbs have sprouted tiny, delicate flowers.

The heather is heathering!

Bunnies are hopping.Well, maybe not these particular bunnies...

It does feel as though Spring is Springing!

We hope you find a "Spring" in your step today!
the critters in The Cottage

February 16, 2011

The Trickster

Esme,"Um.Yoohoo.Lew-isss.Why don't you come up here and we'll P-L-A-Y.I promise I'll play nice and won't ignore you."

Esme,"Oh there you are.I can't believe you actually thought I was serious!"
Lewis,"So you actually didn't want me to come up here and play?.."

Lewis,"Why do I always fall for her ploys?!! I'll just strike a pose and save face".

Have a wickedly wonderful Wednesday!
the critters in The Cottage

February 15, 2011

The Squeaky Wheel

"Hi Everyone! It's me, Mitalee.I don't know if you've noticed but I've noticed there haven't been all that many photos of me since LP started this bloggy thing.I decided to be a squeaky wheel and squeak up.First of all,I think you should all know I LOVE picture taking! When that flash box comes out, out comes my charm!"
"Peek-a-boo.I see you flash box!"
"Just nonchalantly hanging out in my chaise lounge flashy boxy!"

"My eyes may be closed but I know you are there boxy!"

"Here I am camping and still a willing subject!"

"Star gazing,dreaming,musing,working the Boxy".

"Hunting wildlife for the flashy".

"Here I am on my throne next to my treasure.It's clear that I am the Queen of the Flashy (box).I had to squeak up!"

Have a wonderful day!
the critters in The Cottage