January 27, 2011

Fresh Air

Yesterday afternoon LP said we needed some fresh air and not our usual walk to the park either.Something that would get the ants out of our pants so that she could get some work done. We wanted to go to the beach and thankfully for us LP said, yes.Below is a pic of Duffy looking for adventure:

                                                          Duffy looking for adventure

                                                       Issa joining Duffy for the adventure    

                                                                And off they go!

                                                       Looks like they found Big Foot!!

Meanwhile, back at The Cottage, Lewis was looking for some fresh air too.Below are pics of his search:

                               Lewis,"Fresh air.Oh Fresh Air?Where are yoooo? Fresh Air????"

                               And some time later.

                              Lewis,"Um.Help.Anybody? I think I'm stuck."

   Lewis,"Is anybody out there? Listen, I can't find Fresh Air.LP said she was going to find Fresh Air and I thought I'd help her. I've been looking for some time now and he doesn't seem to be in here.Actually, I may have had a little nap on top of the phone book while I was looking but before I napped I couldn't find him. After I napped, he still wasn't in here. Could someone let me out now.Fresh Air? Are you out there??? Anyone?"

                                              Lewis,"Helloooo? Um.O.k.then.Knock.Knock".

                                              "Can Fresh Air come out to play??"

Have a great day.Try to get some fresh air today!


  1. Oh Lewis, you're such a card!

  2. Gosh Lewis, we sure hope you got out of there and found Fresh Air. Those little doggies sure are cute. Hope you have a nice fresh day.

  3. Mom Kim here: My dad lives out in Delta, keeps emailing me about the spring-like temps...Sigh. I can only dream.

    Great outing!

    But uh, Lewis...Did you get out????

  4. Lewis Lewis Lewis. You are hi-larious!

    Looks like Duffy and Issa had a good time...when they got home probably sawed-some-logs whilst dreaming about the logs they just played on.

  5. Lucky Duffy and Issa ... that sure looks like fun! And Lewis, we hope someone let you out of there, so that you could enjoy some fresh air, too. :)


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