January 21, 2011

Figuring it out on Friday.

Esme,"You know this bleowgging thing has left me feeling really exhausted.Enough already with the flashing box blog.Put the blog away! I'm going to my happy place now. I'm getting sleepier and sleepier..."


Duffy,"I'm dreaming of a blog.I'm running from the blog.Uh, oh.My paws are getting stuck in the blog!     Blog???!! I'm dreaming of a BOG! Birds are chirping.The sky is blue...".

Leo,"I'm waiting for K.She's coming this weekend.I have her bed all ready for her.She'll talk LP out of buying this bloggy thing.If there is some gadgety thing out there you can bet LP will buy it.What do you do with a blog anyway? Open cans? Probably just another fancy word for canopener.Blog.Hmmm.Blogopener.Young people always think they are the first to discover everything.Blogopener.I know all about blogopeners.I wasn't born yesterday!".

Issa,"It's just a phase she is going through.Hopefully it won't last that long.I must be patient.I must be patient.I must."

Lewis,"I think blog means bathroom + log=blog.So you're in the bathroom blogging.Some people call it logging.But everyone does it so what is the big deal? I blog all the time!"

Tulip,"I don't know what the big deal is either.It's obvious blog spells, love.B-l-o-g.Love.Or does it spell, purr? B-l-o-g. I'm not sure now.Love or purr? B-l-o-g.I should have paid more attention to my spelling teacher as a young kitten but I always did like a good party.I'm pretty sure it means love though."

Have a great weekend everyone! Next time you drop by you will meet the infamous K.


  1. Have a great weekend kitties (and woofies too), try to stay warm and dream of treats instead of blogs - LOL!

  2. You are all very smart to ponder such things! WE especially loved Lewis' comments. MOL!

    Have a great weekend, friends. :)

  3. I loved what everybody thought blog meant. It is a really cute post, 'cause everyone had different thoughts. Tulip, I liked "love," myself.

    Have a good weekend!


  4. Don't worry, everyone! You'll get used to all the attention soon enough! We did!

  5. If you ever figure out what that blog thing is, let us know!!

  6. Hi everbuddy! We FINALLY made it over to visit (sorry about the delay). It's great to see all of you and we'll certainly be back to visit. You're going to LOVE blogging, we know it.
    Have a great weekend!!


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