January 31, 2011

Box Sitters

It doen't seem to matter how many toys LP buys us, we usually remain only temporarily amused. Some times though, we are amused for days and still at other times we are enthusiastically engaged until we lose the desired item. Yet nothing entertains us for weeks on end the way boxes do.We have all sorts of ways to box sit and LP likes to refer to us as, Box Sitters.It's her sense of humour -we don't alway get it. Below are some of our favourite boxes to box sit:                                                                          

The luxury box.This box has ample space with plenty of leg room to stretch and relax in.

The pied a terre for the career cat who might like to entertain her mancat friend while in town.

                                             The beach house replete with airconditioning.

                                                The bachelor's pad.Cramped yet cosy.

                                The two story condo to be shared with a fellow box sitter.

Some cats are better suited for box sitting than others.LP says Mitalee has a real knack for it.

LP also says you have to be flexible and willing to up and go at the drop of a hat, if you want to be a certified box sitter.She thinks there is a future in box sitting.We could offer to feed the fish.And walk the dog.

Have a great day!




  1. Hello! What wonderful pictures! Our kitties love boxes too.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  2. You have a fabulous assortment of boxes! We only have two out today.

  3. Those are great boxes!! Y'know...we've never met a box we didn't like!!

  4. Wow, those are fabulous boxes! We don't get boxes too often, never mind a slew of them!

  5. Oh, aren't boxes wonderful! They are a hit here for sure. In fact, around Christmas when I've ordered lots of things, it is just one box game after another.

  6. Great post, it cracked me up! I like the bachelor's pad and beach house!

  7. We want a beach house!


  8. Indeed I think your box-sitting future is very bright!! Great pics, and I love your violet blog colour :-)

  9. Very sweet! Now one would know what to get them for Christmas. Easy peasy...pudding and pie. Lewis kissed the girls and made them cry.
    Looking foward to your next story, LP.


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