January 31, 2011

Box Sitters

It doen't seem to matter how many toys LP buys us, we usually remain only temporarily amused. Some times though, we are amused for days and still at other times we are enthusiastically engaged until we lose the desired item. Yet nothing entertains us for weeks on end the way boxes do.We have all sorts of ways to box sit and LP likes to refer to us as, Box Sitters.It's her sense of humour -we don't alway get it. Below are some of our favourite boxes to box sit:                                                                          

The luxury box.This box has ample space with plenty of leg room to stretch and relax in.

The pied a terre for the career cat who might like to entertain her mancat friend while in town.

                                             The beach house replete with airconditioning.

                                                The bachelor's pad.Cramped yet cosy.

                                The two story condo to be shared with a fellow box sitter.

Some cats are better suited for box sitting than others.LP says Mitalee has a real knack for it.

LP also says you have to be flexible and willing to up and go at the drop of a hat, if you want to be a certified box sitter.She thinks there is a future in box sitting.We could offer to feed the fish.And walk the dog.

Have a great day!



January 27, 2011

Fresh Air

Yesterday afternoon LP said we needed some fresh air and not our usual walk to the park either.Something that would get the ants out of our pants so that she could get some work done. We wanted to go to the beach and thankfully for us LP said, yes.Below is a pic of Duffy looking for adventure:

                                                          Duffy looking for adventure

                                                       Issa joining Duffy for the adventure    

                                                                And off they go!

                                                       Looks like they found Big Foot!!

Meanwhile, back at The Cottage, Lewis was looking for some fresh air too.Below are pics of his search:

                               Lewis,"Fresh air.Oh Fresh Air?Where are yoooo? Fresh Air????"

                               And some time later.

                              Lewis,"Um.Help.Anybody? I think I'm stuck."

   Lewis,"Is anybody out there? Listen, I can't find Fresh Air.LP said she was going to find Fresh Air and I thought I'd help her. I've been looking for some time now and he doesn't seem to be in here.Actually, I may have had a little nap on top of the phone book while I was looking but before I napped I couldn't find him. After I napped, he still wasn't in here. Could someone let me out now.Fresh Air? Are you out there??? Anyone?"

                                              Lewis,"Helloooo? Um.O.k.then.Knock.Knock".

                                              "Can Fresh Air come out to play??"

Have a great day.Try to get some fresh air today!

January 25, 2011

Big Bird

Leo,"See that big bird?When I was young and feral and didn't even know what a pet bed was, I used to hunt birds like that.That's right.Birds that large.Now don't misunderstand my meaning .I never hurt them.Why, I never even touched them! I didn't even draw a single one of my many swords.I would simply stare them down.Like this:

Leo,"And they would flee.In utter fear.U-t-t-e-r fear.I kid you not.I was known by everyone in those days-feral and domestic cats alike.Leopold Lion Heart.They used to call me, The Lion.

"They used to call me, The Lion.I was. THE LION.Sigh." 

January 24, 2011

The Infamous K

This is K.She likes to visit LP and paint pictures with her.She is in her painting shirt in this photo.K is responsible for taking many of the critter photos you will see here at, The Cottage.We think she is very talented! Below are a few of her favourites.We call them," K's pic (k)".We hope you enjoy them.



Have a lovely day! See you next time.

January 21, 2011

Figuring it out on Friday.

Esme,"You know this bleowgging thing has left me feeling really exhausted.Enough already with the flashing box blog.Put the blog away! I'm going to my happy place now. I'm getting sleepier and sleepier..."


Duffy,"I'm dreaming of a blog.I'm running from the blog.Uh, oh.My paws are getting stuck in the blog!     Blog???!! I'm dreaming of a BOG! Birds are chirping.The sky is blue...".

Leo,"I'm waiting for K.She's coming this weekend.I have her bed all ready for her.She'll talk LP out of buying this bloggy thing.If there is some gadgety thing out there you can bet LP will buy it.What do you do with a blog anyway? Open cans? Probably just another fancy word for canopener.Blog.Hmmm.Blogopener.Young people always think they are the first to discover everything.Blogopener.I know all about blogopeners.I wasn't born yesterday!".

Issa,"It's just a phase she is going through.Hopefully it won't last that long.I must be patient.I must be patient.I must."

Lewis,"I think blog means bathroom + log=blog.So you're in the bathroom blogging.Some people call it logging.But everyone does it so what is the big deal? I blog all the time!"

Tulip,"I don't know what the big deal is either.It's obvious blog spells, love.B-l-o-g.Love.Or does it spell, purr? B-l-o-g. I'm not sure now.Love or purr? B-l-o-g.I should have paid more attention to my spelling teacher as a young kitten but I always did like a good party.I'm pretty sure it means love though."

Have a great weekend everyone! Next time you drop by you will meet the infamous K.

January 20, 2011

Isadora Gypsy Rose and Sir Duffy Ducky Birdie Quin

I thought after yesterday's lengthy post I would keep today's short and sweet.This is Isadora.She is a snuggler and loves to snuggle with everyone.At nine years old, she is the oldest critter,after the fosters of course, in the cottage.

                                          This is Duffy.He is a little monkey.At a little over two years old, he is the youngest critter in the cottage.Issa and Duffy are the very best of friends. 

Issa came to live with us when she was about four months old, after a family who wasn't familiar with the upkeep of pets felt she was too much work for them at that time in their lives.She is the sunshine of my life.Duffy came to us a year and a half ago when a friend of ours who owned him passed away suddenly.He is the apple of my eye.Have a good day! See you tomorrow.

January 19, 2011

The story of the Fosters

Good Morning!

I wanted to thank everyone who took the time to drop by these last few days to say hello and to welcome me to your lovely community.It's uplifting to know there are so many people in the world who love animals.I am thrilled to be blogging and anticipatory of all the new friendships to be made.A particularly warm thank you to Cat of Cat's Cats who nudged me to start blogging and who made it possible by guiding a computer challenged individual such as myself, to set the blog up.

The story of the foster cats needs a bit of a backdrop explanation so I'll tell you about that first before I introduce them, if that's alright.

I started working as a volunteer for a no kill rescue organization here in Canada that was over an hour's drive away from where I live. I chose this particular organization because it had a very large population of rescued animals and was run as most rescues are, almost exclusively by volunteers.They needed help!

After more than a year of volunteering there, I realized I wouldn't be able to continue helping them and made the extremely difficult decision to stop volunteering.This decision wasn't made because of people dynamics (I liked everyone I worked with and was always humbled by the dedication of those volunteers), but had everything to do with the fact that I don't have a car and that the long commute out was cutting into my work days (I work from home), the upkeep of my own animals, and the running of this building (my husband and I take care of a small apartment building that houses four other suites).

I felt unsettled about my decision since I so wanted to continue helping animals in some way.I kept thinking of all the cats that were in that rescue...too many...since cats seem even more disposable than dogs to some people.I thought of a storage room we had in the building that had a large window in it.The room was full of old fridges,stoves, furniture, mattresses, in short, a medley of leftovers from previous tenants.What if I cleared it all out? Gave it a good cleaning? Painted and added bright cheerful things to it? It would make an ideal place to foster cats.And so I did do just that ; I cleaned, brought things to the dump, gave away other things, pulled up my sleeves and scrubbed until it shone, sparkled and was ready for my charges.

I decided I would foster senior cats because when I thought of all the older cats who had been "dumped" at rescues, my top lip would curl back and I could almost hear myself growl at all those people who neglected to love and coddle their elderly pets until it was time to let them go.The twilight years-inescapably brief.A time to say thank you and good bye.The small window of time we have to let our elderly animals know through acts of tenderness,attentiveness,and small acts of kindness towards  them just how much they have meant to us during the years they have been with us.Those abandoned cats were living out their lives in cages, waiting on the tender heart of some stranger to bring them home.Waiting for days, weeks, months and often times, years.For some of them, because of their advanced ages, no one would ever come.

I consequently decided on two senior cats to foster who at my request,had not been thriving in their rescued environment.Both cats, chosen for me, had been in rescue for years.The male had been there three years, the female had been in rescue for two years.

They have been with me a year now and we have had a few challenges.We had ringworm, ear mites,skin infections,bladder infections, the removal of teeth, a diagnosis of hypothyroidism and a few other ailments to boot! The female was especially in rough shape and continues to have runny eyes on and off due to the fact that she was never properly inoculated during the first year of her life and now carries the herpes virus.She was a stray a kind person found on a country road and brought in to rescue so it is difficult to speculate what exactly her past might have been.The male was found frozen to someone's front porch one winter.Rescue was called because the people who found him didn't know what to do with the body.They believed him to be dead.After a month of intensive care in rescue, he miraculously pulled through.

Both these cats are what most rescue groups call long term fosters.They are old (12, or 13 yrs.), and continue to have health issues so they are less likely to be adopted out.We can't adopt them because although the organization I foster with does not pay for food or litter, it does pay for vetting (although I have taken them to my own vet numerous times), and vetting adds up with sickly animals.

I am happy they are safe with us now and I love each of them a lot.Some times I get angry at the people who neglected them because I now have to watch them suffer because of that neglect.Some times I think they are so much better off here than where they had been.Some times I wish I could do more for them and that they could be in the heart of our family instead of on the outskirts.All the time I am fiercely protective of them and love to spoil and indulge them.I plan to foster senior cats for the rest of my life.

Gandhi said,"The greatness of a nation and its' moral progress can be judged by the way its' animals are treated".My hope is that people become more aware that animals are living beings who feel pain ,abandonment, joy-a realm of emotions.And that people stop believing in their perceived moral superiority by choosing to remain blind to this truth.

So, after all of that, and if you are still reading, I'd like to introduce the fosters:

                                          Tulip Bunny Blossom Sweet Heart

                                         Leopold Lion Heart

January 18, 2011

Count Lewis

This is Count Lewis Leopard Leaping Frog.We think of him as having special needs because he would rather be vacuumed or have a lint brush passed over his coat than be petted! He also has certain specific talents which I will post about after all the introductions have been made.He is sweet! sweet! sweet! However, he remains the pesky little brother.Tomorrow I will introduce our senior foster cats and their stories.See you then! 

January 17, 2011

Esme lover of LP

This is Esmeralda Djali Willow Tree Figgy Pudding.She loves Mitalee and LP (the one who feeds her).She loves to play chase and whap with Lewis. I'll post more about Lewis tomorrow.We think of him as our child with special needs.

Meet Mitalee

This is Mitalee HoneyBee.She is seven years old and a bundle of purring love.She loves Lewis, Esme, Issa and Duffy-in short, she loves everybody.She does, however, love Lewis best.

The Beginning

Today, January 17th 2011, marks the beginning of our blogging.We are excited to share our critter world and our perceptions of life! We are also excited to make new friends the world over!
Since this is the beginning,it seems suitable to start with introductions.
We are three cats, two dogs and two senior foster cats.Altogether that makes seven animals in the cottage.
Here we are:
Well...seemingly here we will be when LP figures out how to add photos and use a template....until then.... I suppose we will momentarily remain the elusive critters in The Cottage.Teehee.