June 23, 2017

Fashion Friday with Duffy : My special bowties and bandana.

 Duffy, " Hi ya! Welcome to another installment of , Fashion Friday! This week I am going to show you two bow ties and one bandana! The bow tie I am wearing is extra special on account it has lambies on it and Lambie is one of Esme's nicknames!"

 Duffy, " Here is my serious pose in my Lambie bow tie. I think of Esme when I wear it!"

Duffy, "This bow tie has bumblebees all over it! Which means I think of Mitalee HoneyBee when I wear it!"

Duffy, " Here is my serious pose in my HoneyBee bow tie!"

Duffy, "It's difficult to stay serious for long! Modeling is challenging for a lighthearted guy like me! Next up is one of my favourite bandanas and I think of someone special when I wear it too!"

 Duffy, " This bandana has dachshunds all over it! My cousin angel Rocky was a dachshund so I wear this to remember him!"

Duffy, " I hope you enjoyed seeing my special bow ties and bandana! See you next Friday at this time for another session of Fashion Friday when I will show you my favourite matching bandanas!"

Have a Fabulous Friday!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo

June 19, 2017

Queen Mitalee HoneyBee on Monday.

Mitalee, " It's been an entire week since we last chatted and may I say I am feeling much better these days?! I continue to eat numerous small meals every day and I am drinking enough water which means no visit to the vet's this week! I have even been feeling a bit frisky! See this bumblebee? LP bought it for me and it is filled with organic catnip! My complete name is, Mitalee HoneyBee, for those who may not know. LP felt a catnip filled honeybee might be just what the doctor ordered   . . . . and it was!"

Mitalee, " First, I rubbed my stink all over it so that the bee knew I meant business!"

Mitalee, " Then I gave it a few whappity, whap, whaps to show it that I am the Queen Bee!!"

Mitalee, " I think there is no mistaking now who is, The Queen Bee. And yes, I am done with you for today lowly drone!"

Mitalee, " Of course I needed a long, queenly nap after expending all that energy!"

Mitalee, " But it was nice to know I am still able to deaded a bee, when the need arises!"

Mitalee, " Here is another quote by a writer that can always be appreciated."

                "Light tomorrow
                  with today." 

~ Elizabeth Barrett Browning~

P.S. Since today is International Box Day, we thought we would include a few pics of of the critters in boxes for you to enjoy!







Have a Marvelous Monday!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo

June 17, 2017

Sunday Selfies : Six in all!

We are joining the kitties at, The cat on my head ,  for their Sunday Selfies!
This week, each of us submitted one photo. We hope you enjoy our efforts.



MITALEE (from days gone by)



ESME (from days gone by)





Have a Sunny Sunday!
Don't forget to HOP! 
It's a wonderful way to visit old and new friends alike.
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo

June 16, 2017

Fashion Friday with Duffy!

Duffy, " Hi ya! It's another Fashion Friday! This week I am going to show you two bow ties, and two bandanas. First up, I wanted to show you my other duck bow tie that I promised to show you last week but I forgot! "

Duffy, " You may recall I mentioned I love all ducky prints on account my complete name is, Sir Duffy Ducky Birdie Quinn! This bow tie has the words,  "quack, quack" written on it but  a ,"Quack", I am not!"

Duffy, " This is my Foxy bandana and I love it because I love foxy things! Actually, it is Wilhelmina's Foxy bandana. We both have this bandana and LP grabbed Wilhelmina's thinking it was mine! That's why it looks a little big on me! Next time I will show you both of us in our matching Foxy bandanas and I will have mine on and you will see that it fits me much better!"

Duffy, " This is my Bones bandana. It's really bright and cheerful and I always get compliments when I wear it. Next up, you will see my very, very favourite bow tie in all of my entire bow tie collection just as I promised I would show you this week!"

Duffy, " Can you see what is on it?!"

Duffy, " Cats! Were you surprised to see that my very, very favourite bow tie has cats on it?! "

Duffy, " You shouldn't be for two reasons! One, I love my kitty siblings and two , I love hanging out on the cat trees and cat beds in our home. LP claims I am very cat-like! I hope you enjoyed another glimpse into my wardrobe. See you next week, at the same time, for Fashion Friday when I will show you two of my very special bow ties!"

Have a Fabulous Friday.
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo