July 15, 2019

Evening walk with my bestie.

Have a Marvelous Monday!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo

July 12, 2019

Fashion Friday : July work week in fashion.

Duffy, " Hi ya! Welcome to another edition of Fashion Friday! This week I thought I would show you the five outfits I wore every day this work week. It has been a mostly overcast week with a few sunny periods here and there. We have definitely had a bit of a gloomy start to the month of July! Monday was overcast with a chance of rain. I wore my grey raincoat but hoped for the best!"

Duffy, " Tuesday, I managed to stay out of the rain! I even wore my flower collar to feel more summery despite the overcast sky."

Duffy, " Wednesday it rained and rained. I wore my bright yellow with turquoise umbrellas rain jacket, hoping to make the day feel more cheery!"

Duffy, " Thursday the sun burst through the clouds and I was happy! I wore my smiling whales bandana and felt very beachy."

Duffy, " This morning the clouds are out again but the sun promises to make an appearance in the afternoon. I wore my zebra bandana because zebras prefer the sun. I hope the sun will stay with us this afternoon and for the entire weekend!"

Have a Fabulous Friday.
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo

July 10, 2019

Wordless Wednesday : Squirrel!!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo

July 5, 2019

Fashion Friday : A date with Mia.

Duffy, " Hi ya! Welcome to another edition of Fashion Friday! This week I will be featuring my lime green, quatrefoil bandana."

Duffy, " I am also going to share my day with Mia . . .  my best and beautiful gal! We are going to explore a new forest together. It is located on the other side of our city."

Duffy, " In the spirit of Fashion Friday, Mia wanted to show you the collar she chose for our date. She is very romantic, wouldn't you agree?"

Duffy, " This new to discover forest had quite a few rock platforms that served us well when we wanted to keep an eye on wildlife. Especially when little birdies and squirrels were teasing us!"

Duffy, " I jumped onto this branch and Mia didn't hesitate to follow!"

Duffy, " She is both brave and sweet!"

Duffy, " We played hide-and-seek and found each other quickly!"

Duffy, " Then we were silly and I tried to squeeze under Mia!" 

Duffy, " We decided this angle made a better portrait!"

Duffy, " All in all, I believe Mia enjoyed our day in the forest. We will have to plan another little adventure together very soon."

Have a Fabulous Friday!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo 

July 3, 2019

A few words on Wednesday : Recap of our Canada Day celebrations!

 Hi efurryone! Monday we celebrated  Canada Day! We felt the best way to celebrate was to go hiking in our beautiful province and to later get together with a few friends to enjoy a bbq.  Up to the mountains we drove first thing in the morning, in search of a few lakes to cool our toes.

Not a lake but definitely cool on the toes!

Duffy always manages to find the largest, widest, tree stumps!

We found a lake and it was lovely!

 The Wild Sisters attempted to catch a few minnows.

Wilhelmina especially enjoyed the cooling lake!

At the end of the our mountain adventure, we met up with our crew at a local park.

Wilhelmina and her best buddy Mia.

Avalon too sleepy for a ball?!!

Avalon and Nymeria, the Spanish sighthounds jumping for joy on Canada Day!

The crew : Avalon, Wilhelmina, Duffy, Nymeria, and Mia.

Of course the kitties wanted to also celebrate and proudly wore their bandanas!

We hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into our Canada Day festivities. We love our country and all the beauty and peace it continues to offer us. 

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo